Professionnal and experience

      After working for 15 years at various employers, we founded the company called ProXpert in June 1999.

    Why did we associate? Because we believe in combining our expertise in each of our development of careers, we are able to offer a variety of expertise to our customer, meeting their needs in Information Technologies.

    Furthermore, ProXpert currently working with small and medium business as well as multinationals in diverse fields like printing, distribution, finance and many more, these enterprises are located mostly in the province of Quebec and others around the world (USA, England, New Zealand).
Our know-how comes together in:
-  IT Consulting,
-  Programming,
-  Business Analyst
-  Database Management.
Our achievements:
-  Manufacturing Systems,
-  Distribution Systems,
-  Inventory Management Systems,
-  Preventive Maintenance Software,
-  Computer Network installation and Support.
-  In addition, we can determine your hardware needs and provide support for your IT equipment.
Our expertise lies in:
-  Planning,
-  Analysis of Management systems that already existing,
-  Analysis of projects definition,
-  Client Server Development,
-  Implementation and migration of applications,
-  Training,
-  Technical Support.
For more information or a demonstration of our software please contact us.